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7:00 - 8:30 pm on Wednesday, June 9th
LaunchPad - 721 Franklin Avenue
(Between Park Place and Sterling Place)

Thursday, February 25, 2010


Ansie and Monica

On Monday February 22 Ansie and I went out on Franklin Avenue to recruit people for interviews. Ansie is our newest member and a friend of our crew. We went to different businesses such as grocery stores, restaurants, and laundromats. The business owners were really nice; they let us put up our signs inside their business and agreed to give our business cards to their customers. The two men from The Pulp and The Bean were exceptionally nice.

After we recruited people, we returned to our recording space. Michael Kunitzky is letting us use LaunchPad - an 800 square foot storefront on 721 Franklin Avenue to record our conversations.

Ansie, Monica and Laurel

Laurel Brown from the blog Nostrand Park came by to talk to us about her interest in Crown Heights. She has lived in Crown Heights for 3 years. She studies law, but she is doing a documentary on gentrification in the neighborhood. She is a really cool person. One can never be bored talking to her; she is full of life and a very good listener. 
 She gave us advice on how to reach out to people for our project and gave us names of people who can help us achieve our goals.

She makes me think about why I was interested in this project in the first place: To uncover new things about the history of our neighborhood that many people don't know about, and to give the "behind-the-scenes" heroes and historians of our neighborhood a chance to shine.


  1. I love it.Laurel is pretty cool person and fun hangout with.The two men at The Pulp and The Bean were very nice to us. They seem like they were really interest in our project.

  2. wow u guys are doing great on the oral project .this will teach people/others in the community together we can MAKE A DIFFERENCE. keep up the work

  3. Good luck recruiting people to interview! How great that local businesses are behind your project.

  4. Hi Monica,

    I so glad you have joined the BCCP Internship Program. Already, you are making a difference in the lives of the people you have interviewed so far by preserving their precious words. I am also glad that Alex has partnered with BCCP and is allowing you to experience your community like never before.
    Kudos for your work.
    Nixon Mercidieu, BCCP Site Director

  5. This project is awesome! I learned a lot by talking to my neighbors in Crown Heights -- the older man who owned the building next to mine had bought it for $8000!! Can you imagine? A time when a normal working person could save enough money to buy a whole building on Franklin Avenue.

    Happy hunting and enjoy the stories.