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Friday, April 16, 2010

Crown Heights History From A Long Time Ago

Wilhelmena, Quanaisha and Treverlyn

I was in charge of the interview that Treverlyn and I did, but was a big help when I couldn't think of a question to ask next. There is nothing like a little team work. Wilhelmena Rhodes Kelly talked about her childhood and her experience in Crown Heights.

She is the author of a book called Crown Heights and Weeksville that has some amazing photographs of this area from many years ago. She wrote the book because she did not know much about the history of the neighborhood and wanted to learn more. She even showed us where Crow Hill is really located on a map from 1842. She told us about the Crown Heights of the 1660s when the Dutch used to live there. If you want more information just open up her book about Crown Heights. It was very interesting to hear her own story about Crown Heights and the story of a larger history of Crown Heights. Thanks, Wilhelmena.

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  1. "Nothing like a little team work" ... that line had me cracking up. Nice job. Almost half way there ladies!