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Thursday, April 1, 2010

A Social Worker and A Health Food Store Owner

On March 23rd, Floyya, Quanaisha and I met one of the coolest individuals ever.

The first interview we had was more like a conversation. I felt very comfortable talking to Mr. Louis Burns and I learned a lot from him. He has been living in Crown Heights for most of his life and he told us what it was like growing up here. He told us about all the games he would play as a kid. He told us that he remembers when he was younger he didn’t know about crime and violence.

He never knew about locking his door. He told us about how he and his friends would just walk into each others’ houses and they would be treated as a part of the family. He told us about how he always liked to listen and how he always liked to solve problems so he became a social worker. I am thinking about being a social worker one day myself.

Our crew in front of Imhotep's on Nostrand Avenue

We went on the road for the second interview. If we couldn’t get the historians to come to us then we were going go to the historians. We went to Mr. Tonde Lumba’s vegetarian restaurant and store called Imhotep’s Health and Living Foods on Nostrand Avenue. He is from the Caribbean and told us what it was like moving to another country and about the first time he opened his business. He also told us about his vegan way of life that he has maintained for over 25 years and why we shouldn’t eat meat. I don’t know if any of us are going to give up meat yet though…
The project has been going very well we have met a lot of very interesting people. We looking forward to meeting more. If YOU want us to talk about you in our blog, you need to give us a call at 718-228-7928 to set up a time to be interviewed!

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